Ceramic art is considered one of the innovative mode of expression of art. It comprised of working with Clay and give rise to various sculptures, figures, tiles and different kind of art ware. It is considered to be one of the finest and plastic art that leads to great visualization. It comprised Of various types arts such as fine which is seen in case of pottery and culture and some are Decorative as seen in case of antique industrial art.the ceramic art may be cofounded or be done singly. Mostly in India, a group of people makes the needy designs while other half works on the manufacturing and rest do the remaining decoration giving it a high profession finished touch.and in case of the single handlers the person may own his / her pottery studio.


The word ceramic has a great correlation with the pottery. Making the use of clay in the pottery is the soulful tradition method and now a little tinge of modification been applied to it. When clay been mixed with other materials to give it a better shape, or rather to allow it to sustain heat and other harsh give a more scientific definition about ceramic art is basically a science of carving out objects from nonmetallic and inorganic substances with the help of heat. the raw materials used include glass or mosaic. A long history rises up the ceramic art as it dates back 20000 years ago according to the artistic evidence and it has been evident that lot many countries had this practice of ceramic art.


There are many kinds of materials required for the creation of ceramic art among them some are been mentioned below.
1. STONEWARE: stoneware is semi-vitreous ceramic built from specifically stoneware clay or nonrefractory fire clay. It has got a unique glazed surface which does give an attractive look and it is usually been colored brown or grey and the color is because of the impurity content in the clay.
2. EARTHENWARE:: earthenware is not been laid to fire and is thereby very much permeable to water. earlier pottery of earthenware was usually made up of clay, quartz, glazed or nonglazed ceramic.terracotta is a kind of earthenware which is defined to be glazed or nonglazed ceramic having a base of clay

To conclude, ceramic art is one of the unique and most interesting art o ponder about. There are a lot of classes happening all around the different places in the face many universities do include the ceramic art as a section of learning in the field of art. The degree of ceramic art makes you professional recognition. Nowadays a lot more modification are been made and executed. In this era where people have got a fondness of d├ęcor, their ceramic art does make a remarkable mark and keep itself unique in its own way and I am growing at a very rapid pace.